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Welcome to the Gidonim Project Database Site.

During this ongoing project, students, teachers, and graduates of The Reut School document tombstones in Jewish cemeteries in Poland.  You can search the database for specific tombstones.

The tombstones are numbered according to their location in the cemetery.  Each number has four parts: 

  • The first numbers represents the area number.

  • The third number from the right represents the row number.

  • The last two numbers represent the location of the tombstone in its row.

 For example, if the number is 10412, it means that the tombstone is located in area 10, row 4 and it is the 12th tombstone in the row.

Rows are numbered from left to right while reading the tombstone.  The numbering includes broken and unreadable tombstones that do not appear in the database.

The numbers are written on the tombstones themselves. The site includes a map of each cemetery in order to assist you in locating the tombstones while in Poland.  Feel free to contact us before your trip in order to clarify the tombstones location.

At times a tombstone is not clearly part of a specific row. These tombstones were given the number of a nearby tombstone followed by a decimal point.  For example, 1213.1 is situated near 1213.

We do not recommend that you rely only on a search of family names.  Most of the tombstones do not have family names.  We suggest searching by first name.

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