Report from Alon Goldman, August 2015

Dear Cz-ers

The Gidonim completed their summer 2015 work in the Jewish cemetery of Czestochowa with a moving ceremony at the cemetery, near the mass graves. Danny Kahn blow the Shofasr, they lit candles in memory of all those who buried in the cemetery and our familis who was murdered in the Holocaust, They say the "El Male Rachamim" "and "Kaddish" and the students read some chapters about the history of the Jewish community of Czestochowa and the Gideonim activity.

Before the start of the ceremony, each student went to visit a grave that he was specifically binds him during his work, he lit a memorial candle beside and read a personal letter he had received from the management of the school.

The work this year has been particularly difficult. The plots we reached were covered with tangled vegetation that it was necessary to clean if you want to start locate the tombstones. Most of the tombstones were broken, some upside down, which required a large physical effort to make the headstone to be able to document , in many cases the board of the Mazeva was covered with earth and only after excavation it was possible to expose and document it. There were cases that in order to get the name it was necessary to build a Pazael from small fragments of stone of the tombstone, but as Danny Kahn said: "they were not willing to give up in any situation if they can save a memory of soul in Israel."

Despite all the difficulties the Gidonim mapped this year about 600 tombstones and after they will typd the data and adjusted the photos I will be post the names and all the new data will be uploaded to school website.

The work is not over and with your help the Gidonim will complete the mapping work in the summer of 2016.

On your behalf I want to thank the Reut high school from Jerusalem, Dina and Danny who lead the project year after year and to all the members of summer 2015 delegation: Noa Simon, Chen, Ayelet, Gili, Noam, Samuel, David, Guy, Yoav, Gilad, Omar, Dudi, Samuel, Roy and Noa.

Thank you very much !
We are blessed that we wehave youth like you.

Your Sincerely,

Alon Goldman,
Chairman - The Association of Czestochowa Jews in Israel
Vice President - The World Society of Czestochowa Jews and their Descendants