Details of the Deceased (Original)

First Name הלנה
Spouse דוד
Last Name קאגאן
Date of Death י"ג אדר ב' תש"ג
Remarks קבר אחים אינטליגנציה ראה מאמר - Kagan Helena (משמאל לשביל)

Details of the Deceased (Translation to English)

First Name Helena
Spouse David
Last Name Kagan
Date of Death 20.3.1943
Remarks Mass Grave - Intelligentzia see article (to the left of the pathway)

For Further Reading

In Hebrew PDFקבר האחים - אינטליגנציה.pdf
In English PDFInteligencja List of names - information.pdf


Cemetery Częstochowa
Lot No. 8 (Click to explore)
Row No. 0 (Click to explore)
Position in Row 14
Tombstone ID 8014
Other Inscriptions All inscriptions on the same tombstone
ID according to Paszkowski 28 III H
ID according to Yaari 5013
More Information Information about searching graves in Częstochowa
Map Częstochowa cemetery map

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