In a moving ceremony held at the Jewish cemetery in Czestochowa noted the Gidonim, Reut high school students from Jerusalem the end of their 2014 summer mission.

As part of the ceremony, each student was asked to visit a grave that left an impression on him and to read a letter which was written by Dr. Aryeh Geiger z”l, former Reut high school principal who together with Mrs. Dina Weiner started this project.

At the end of 8 days of hard work we uncovered and documented approximately 900 gravestones which after processing the data will be posted on the website of the school.

The Gidonim work was covered widely in the press and local television and stirred the interest of the Mayor Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk who met with Dina Weiner and Dani Kahn in his office.

Attached find a link to the “Orion TV” report about the completion of the work and a photograph of “Gazeta Czestochowa” newspaper who published the report on the front page.

On behalf of Czestochowa Descendants in Israel and all over the world I want to thank the Gidonim, a wonderful bunch with high-quality youth that Israel can be proud of them.

Thank you Dina Weiner and Dani Kahn for leading the delegation.

Thank you Rachelle Kakun. Thank you Yahav Chalimi. Thank you Ishai Or-Zach. Thank you Noa Angel. Thank you Shoham Mowara. Thank you Keren Shimonovitz. Thank you Orel Salomany. Thank you Omar Man. Thank you Yrdan Dreamer. Thank you Shachar Ravivi. Thank you Yael Cohen. Thank you Avner Ifrach. Thank you Nitzan Pawell. Thank you Shira Zadok.

We will be back in summer 2015.

Yours Faithfully,

Alon Goldman – Chairman
Association of Czestochowa Jews in Israel

Orion TV: