Dear Cz-ers

The Gidonim, Reut high school students from Jerusalem on the third day of work in the Jewish cemetery of Czestochowa and Dani Kahn tells me:
“We are now certainly working in the most destroyed parts at the cemetery. The work goes so slow and and with great difficulty. The destruction the Germans did in this areas where we are working is the hardest of all the years I have worked here, says Dani Kahn. There’s a reason we left these areas for last. We realized it would be difficult. But we did not realize how much. We are doing every effort and will not give up any gravestone if we can save the memory of soul in Israel”

Your Sincerely,

Alon Goldman, 
Chairman – The Association of Czestochowa Jews in Israel
Vice President – The World Society of Czestochowa Jews and their Descendants