Dear Cz-ers

Yesterday morning we took a break from the hard work in the cemetery and the students from Reut high school from Jerusalem learned about the Jewish history of Czestochowa and followed the community that no longer exists. We visited the deportations square at Strażacka street near the train station, the bunker in Stary Rynek 24, the Mass grave in Kawia 22, the Philharmonic named for Bronilsb Huberman and the Hassag forced labor camp.

Later when we came back to work in the cemetery. We had the opportunity for a great Mitzva in the Jewish cemetery of Czestochowa when Severin Sperling from the United States came to the cemetery. Severin was born in the ghetto of Czestochowa during the war and at the age of two and a half before the liquidation of the ghetto he was delivered to the custody of a Christian family. His parents died during the war in Czestochowa and he does not know the place of thier burial. Severin made a habit of coming to the cemetery every time he visits Czestochowa. We met him last year and in the absence of a “Minian” Dani Kahn said the prayer El Male Rachamim. This year, once again we met him in the cemetery, but this time we had “Minyan” and for the first time, after 26 years, with the assistance of Dina Wiener and Dani Kahn, Severin said Kaddish for his parents in the closest place to where they died. Not a single eye remained dry and we were honored to have performed this Mitzva.

Your Sincerely,

Alon Goldman, 
Chairman – The Association of Czestochowa Jews in Israel 
Vice President – The World Society of Czestochowa Jews and their Descendants